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Prolific and Diverse

Andrew Huggett Ottawa Citizen

Andrew Huggett has been involved in the world of professional music since childhood. Born to musical parents, he began composing when he was 12 and studied at the Guildhall School of Music, Trinity College of Music, and the Royal College of Music in London, England. At 17, Beatle's producer George Martin discovered him and signed him to a 3-year recording contract. Andrew was part of the renaissance music group The Huggett Family and, for 13 years, regularly toured North America and Europe until the group disbanded in 1982.


For the next ten years, he pursued a career as a freelance musician and composer, creating music for various projects from symphony orchestras like the National Arts Centre Orchestra and Symphony Nova Scotia to commercial clients like Budget Rent A Car and Molson Breweries. In 1993 Andrew accepted the composer and audio creative director position at GAPC, one of Canada's leading audiovisual and TV production houses. He held this position until 2020, leaving to pursue personal creative interests.


Andrew composes music for movies, video games, TV shows, documentaries, jingles, amusement park attractions, special events, and the concert hall. He is equally comfortable working in all musical genres, including rock, jazz, country, pop, ethnic and symphonic. His truly diverse ability has attracted clients worldwide - from LA to South Africa, Singapore to Qatar.


Andrew has won numerous awards for his work, including New York Film Festival Gold, Gemini, Golden Reel, and the Creative Hermes awards. Awards won by productions incorporating his music include the Peabody, Cine Golden Eagle, New York Animation Festival, Columbus, Chicago, and Huston Film Festival awards.


Over his career, Andrew has accumulated over 3000 registered television credits. His music has been heard in over 180 countries worldwide and on all major North American television networks.


Over the years, a particular source of pride and satisfaction for Andrew has been his ongoing musical contributions to the good works of social innovator Firdaus Kharas. Kharas produces series, documentaries, videos, and television spots designed to encourage positive societal and individual behavior worldwide. Huggett has scored the majority of these projects. The goal of these productions is to better the human condition. They have been seen by over a billion viewers worldwide. Over 3,500 animated videos in 188 languages with music by Huggett are available online without charge through Andrew Huggett Ottawa Manotick Citizen

Andrew Huggett Ottawa Citizen

Andrew Huggett Ottawa Citizen

Andrew Huggett Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa Citizen Andrew Huggett 3 years old

At age 3. Andrew Huggett Manotick Citizen

Andrew Huggett with George Martin Andrew Huggett Ottawa Citizen

At Air Studios In 1973 with Beatles producer George Martin Andrew Huggett Manotick Citizen

Andrew Huggett in the studio Andrew Huggett Ottawa Citizen

At GAPC, Ottawa, Canada. Andrew Huggett mANOTICKCitizen

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