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THE LETTERS 16 Eps. Reality TV

Music by Andrew Huggett. If you've ever written a love letter or received one from an ardent admirer, you will fall in love with The Letters: Rediscovering the Art of Courtship. It's a different kind of TV show where sparks fly on paper instead of in hot tubs. Ten Suitors set out to court a mysterious woman known to them only as "Roxanne," but with one very romantic twist. They must woo her with the power of the pen. Anonymity is key as the Suitors and Roxanne never lay eyes on each other and use pen names to mask their true identities. In each episode the Suitors embark on exciting challenges to inspire them in their letters to Roxanne while she must decide who stays and who goes, until she is left with two Suitors and one final heart-stopping decision. Whom will she choose to meet face to face for a very special first date? The Letters Rediscovering the Art of Courtship provides all of the usual twists and turns that audiences have come to love about unscripted television... but with a difference.

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