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Music by Andrew Huggett. Torment and heartache. Greed and glory. Tragedy and triumph. Welcome to the sublime and glamorous world of opera. This one-hour documentary chronicles the extraordinary life of internationally renowned opera diva, Maria Pellegrini a.k.a. "Canada's Butterfly." Canada's Butterfly is staged in three "acts" mirroring the structure of one of the many operas in which Maria Pellegrini has mesmerized audiences around the world. Follow her fairy tale rise to the pinnacle of her profession as she becomes hailed as the quintessential Madame Butterfly - performing before royalty and the pope. Witness her tragic fall from the operatic world as love, professional envy and prejudice work in cruel unison to fill Maria with grief and uncertainty. Celebrate Pellegrini's courage, determination and strength of spirit as she goes against all odds and breathes new life into her career.

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