COUNTRYCIDE - Theatrical Feature

Huggett's dark and chilling underscore keeps you on the edge of your seat in 

Countrycide, the 31st feature film of veteran, horror director Brett Kelly.  (My Fair Zombie, Jurassic Shark, Spyfall, Jessie James Lawman). It is the story of a woman lost alone in the woods, leg snared in a bear trap and her attempt to survive despite the predators of the two and four legged persuasion.

OSCAR PETERSON - Life & Times CBC Documentary

3 time Grammy Award winner Oscar Peterson's life with documentary underscore by Andrew Huggett. Features interviews with Diana Krall, Herbie Hancock, Phil Nimmons and many more.

EBOLA "A Song For The Living"- Humanitarian Relief Series

A Song For The Living

Grammy Award winning artist, Angélique Kidjo  and the African Relief Children's Choir perform an original song written by Huggett in this World Bank supported effort to assist those living in parts of the world threatened by the Ebola  virus.

Produced by Peobody  and United Nations Peace Medal Award winning social innovator Firdaus Kharas. 

ELLA BELLA BINGO - 104 Episode Cartoon TV Series

Ella Bella Bingo is a pre-school animated TV series, co-produced by Singapore based August Media Holdings and Norway's Kool Produktion AS.


104 episodes

FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE - 13 Episode Cartoon Series

Huggett creates music that reflects the every day adventures of the Patterson family.


Based on Pulitzer Prize Nominee and internationally syndicated author, Lynn Johnson's comic strip


13 episodes

THE THREE AMIGOS - 30 Part Animated Series

Music in multiple genres support the antics of 3 talking condoms.

30 television spots.

Seen in over 100 countries world wide, The Three Amigos series has received 30 international awards including a prestigious Peabody Award. Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the series’ principal supporter, has called the series in an open letter “a powerful communicating tool” and has written “in creating the The Three Amigos (you) have made an outstanding contribution to the campaign against HIV infection. Condom sales in South Africa increased over 500 percent after this one year campaign.

CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER - Life & Times CBC Documentary

Oscar Winner Christopher Plummer's life story supported by a multifaceted underscore by Andrew Huggett. Winner of The Film Council of Greater Columbus  Honourable Mention.

With:  Dame Julie Andrews, Tammy Grimes, Ron Howard, Sir Jonathan Millar, Paul Newman, Christopher Plummer, Elaine Taylor Plummer, Amanda Plummer, Dr. Oscar E. Peterson, William Shatner, Joanne Woodward and many others. 


THE GREAT MARCH - Feature Length Documentary

Gemini Award nominated for Best Music.


1874... the North-West Mounted Police are Canada's only hope to tame the wild frontier at the heart of its dream of nationhood. Their toughest opponents were not just American outlaws and whiskey traders... but the resistance of the land itself.

PRIME RADICALS - 52 Episode Television Series

Winner of  The Hermise Award for Best Original Music this fast paced children's series features 52 original songs by Andrew Huggett.


RIVER RATS - Theatrical Feature

Platinum Winner for Best Original Music  at the OHFTA Film and Television Awards.

A suspense drama by acclaimed writer/director Eric Nicholas with music by Andrew Huggett. Fear and greed  consume three teenage boys when they stumble upon some missing diamonds.

IN CONCERT - Theatrical Short

Winner of the New York Film Festival Award for Best Music in the short form film category which attracts over 14,000 submissions annually.  The New York Film Festival is one of the most prestigious events of its type in the United States.


An original work by Andrew Huggett is a featured component in this widely acclaimed production.

ARE YOU READY - 40 Episode Television Series

Created in association with TVO Kids, Knowledge Network, and the CMF,  these 40 x 2:30 minute shorts feature 8 talented youngsters as they explore, experience, and illustrate the many firsts in a pre-schoolers world—  from brushing your teeth on your own, zipping zippers, tying your shoes and much much more!


MATHXPLOSION - 52 Episode Web Series


Winner of Best Digital Children's Series at the 2017,  YMA Awards of Excellence. 

Series hosted by the 2017, Alan Straight ''Canadian Rising Star of the Year Award Winner", Eric Leclerc. Music and sound design by Andrew Huggett adds to the mathamagical appeal of this acclaimed kids series. 

SCIENCE XPLOSION - 52 Episode Web Series


ScienceXplosion brings kids (ages 6 to 8) closer to the wonderful, wide world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in this digital-first series! A follow-up to its award-winning sister series, MathXplosion, ScienceXplosion will debut on TFO’s premiere educational platform IDÉLLO on September 23, 2019. ScienceXplosion will also stream on and TFLIX on the same day, and will premiere on TFO’s airwaves this winter.


Huggett stylistically explores music from the Middle East and North America genres.

Directed by Hoda Elatawi, Muneeza in the Middle is the story of a 2nd generation Muslim at odds with her religion, which urges followers to be modest in all facets of life. Winner of  the IndieFEST Film Awards - Award of Merit  and  Official Selection  at the Silver Springs International Film Festival. 

THE HILL -Theatrical Short

Huggett's music adds suspense with an east coast flavor.

Written and Directed by best selling author Bob Kroll. British and French forces clash in an attempt to become gain control of historic Signal Hill, Newfoundland.

JET BOARDS - 4D Immersive Amusement Park Attraction

Huggett's big adventure, orchestral underscore keeps pace with every twist and turn of the action.

Hold on in this gamer inspired, internationally distributed, 4D attraction as you ride your jet board in an alien world while being pursued by a host of alien creatures. Huggett's fast paced orchestral underscore keeps pace with every twist and turn of the action.

JOURNEY TO MARS - 4D Immersive Amusement Park Attraction

Huggett's dynamic underscore follows the action at every turn.

Travel to Mars in this fast paced gamer inspired 4D ride.

GRAND-PRÉ - Theatrical Short

Dramatic music in a period style, compliments the action in this production.

A dramatic look at the turbulent past of ​Grand-Pré​s.

Directed by Bob Kroll.

KEYS TO THE COFFIN - Theatrical Short

Huggett's "film noir" score creates a period backdrop over which the action unfolds.

Written and directed by Worldfest Houston Gold Award Winner Keith Davidson. Three people battle for control of a murder mystery they're writing. Their story cleverly unfolds in three different genres -- 1950s Hollywood glamour, 1940s film-noir and 1930s pulp -- depending on who's at the typewriter.

SPELLZ - 52 Episode Television Series

Winner of The Houston International Film Festival  Remi Award.  Music and theme by Andrew Huggett.   Hosted by internationally renowned magician Jay Sankey and his Amazing Kid Assistant, Bridget Hall,  Spellz™ is a fast paced, fun romp that reveals the mysteries behind everyday and “not so everyday” magic tricks!


THE ADVENTURES OF TEDDY RUXPIN - 65 Episode Cartoon Series

Based on the worlds first animatronic, story telling plush toy and his friends. Produced by DIC in Los Angeles and Crawley-Atkins Films in Canada, this ground breaking, serialized series was breakfast fodder for an entire generation of children in the '90's.


65 Episodes

MIGRAINE AWARENESS - Television Campagne

A cool jazz underscore supports sunglass sporting penguins in this migraine awareness campaign. 

GROWING UP CANADIAN - 6 Episode Television Documentary

Huggett's diverse underscore  is reflective of many historic periods.

This 6 part Canadian National Film Board broadcast  documentary series looks at everyday  life in Canada during the first half of the 20th century.


How Can A Boy - Theatrical Documentary

Thought provoking musical support by Huggett.

For a young man from Burma, leaving the past behind isn't as easy as it may seem, as he struggles to overcome personal loss by helping his community. Directed by Ed Kucerak.

PARTNERS FOR PEACE - Theatrical Documentary

With Marisa Tomei. A feature-length documentary film that follows a delegation of women on a journey to Israel and Palestine. Under the leadership of Nobel Peace Laureates Jody Williams and Mairead Maguire they seek to learn about the decades-long conflict, and to reach out in solidarity to women activists who are forging a path toward peace.

Official selection winner at the Boston Palistine, New York Peace and Washington DC Independent film festivals.

SOLAR LIGHT- 13 Episode Humanitarian Series

World-beat music by Huggett.

A new 13 part animated series designed to get the 1.3 billion people in the world, who live without access to electricity, to switch from harmful sources of light, like the  burning of kerosene and cow dung, to clean renewable solar energy. The series has been versioned into multiple languages and is distributed free of charge. Produced in Canada, India, South Africa and Switzerland.

NO EXCUSES - 11 Television Spots

Quirky music in an engaging score by Andrew Huggett.

11 animated spots designed to raise awareness about the social consequences of domestic violence. The campaign was launched at the United Nations in April, 2011. Targeted squarely at the abuser, the animated campaign is  available in 73 languages. This project hopes to reach  85% of the world’s population.

VALUES - 8 Part Animation Series

Fresh and young childrens music by Huggett.

This 8 part series highlights positive values for children between the ages of 5 and 6 years by encouraging behaviours and attitudes that will last for a lifetime and have positive repercussions in future teenagers and adults’ societies.

ICE MAN - Life & Times CBC Documentary

Most have never heard of Bob Bartlett but he was one of the greatest sea captains of all time--a fearless Arctic explorer who smashed a trail through ice to bring Peary to the North Pole. In his day, he was the toast of New York society, a celebrated hero with a string of naval medals.


Music that builds tension and carries the moment.


A feature-length documentary in English and Portuguese  about unaccompanied child refugee claimant in Canada. Shot over several years. 

BUZZ & BITE - 16 Part World Wide Zika Relief Series

Music that reflects the quirky antics of Buzz and Byte.


30 animated spots designed to prevent zika and malaria infection by mosquitoes. Currently on air, the campaign was launched in Ottawa and in New York (at the United Nations) in advance of the first World Malaria Day, April 25, 2008. The spots feature two funny, animated female mosquitoes, Buzz and Bite. The series is currently in use in over 50 countries - half the countries with malaria and/or zika.

HIND AND HAMZA - 46 Part Animated Series

Musical underscore in Arabian style.

Produced for Al Jazeera Television. A unique series of 46 animated shorts designed to teach Arabic-speaking children universal values like gender equality, racism prevention, fostering open dialogue, encouraging truthfulness, child labour prevention and accepting others. 

Polar Ice Ride -4D Immersive Amusement Park Attraction

Huggett's high adventure underscore follows the action at every turn.


Experience the wonders of earth's polar ice caps in this fast paced gamer inspired 4D ride.

TOAD PATROL - 16 Episode Cartoon Series

Huggett wrote 16  original songs and score for this highly acclaimed Disney distributed children's show.


16 Episodes

WITNESS TO YESTERDAY - 16 Episode Documentary Series

Patrick Watson "interviews" great figures of world history about their accomplishments.

Theme music by Andrew Huggett. Co staring Paul Gross, Michael Ironside, John Neville, Cynthia Dale and more.

1 Season - 16 Episodes

NAN & LILI - 365 Episode Cartoon Series

Children's music by Huggett.  A television series produced by Al Jazeera Television that teaches  preschoolers basic everyday life skills.


365 Episodes


20TH CENTURY GALS - Docudramedy

Music by Huggett that is as diverse as the subject matter.


This CBC TV Special "docudramedy", hosted by Babe (a.k.a. Cathy Jones of This Hour Has 22 Minutes) is a mix of fact, fun and folly. 

THE LETTERS... THE ART OF COURTSHIP - 20 Episode Reality TV Series

Music for a reality series. Ten suitors set out to court a mysterious woman known to them only as "Roxanne", but with one very romantic twist. 


2 Seasons. 20 Episodes:

THIS IS MY WITNESS - Documentary

A thoughtful musical approach by Huggett.

Two courageous women share with the world,  their stories of brutality at the hands of the military in Burma. A Kublacom production.

GAINING A VOICE - 6 Episode Documentary Series

1 Seasons. 6 Episodes:

THE NIGHTINGGALE - Animated Special

Starring Christopher Plummer. Huggett spent 11 days in Shanghai, China working with Chinese composer Wu Yingju to create the music for this Gemini nominated Canadian Chinese co-production. 

ONE OF THE LAST - Theatrical Documentary

Original songs and score by Huggett


From the Ukraine to Ottawa and across four generations a remarkable family and their bakery business make a lasting impact on an entire community.

WORKING ANIMALS - 13 Episode Documentary Series

Theme and score by Huggett.

Seals that dive to recover missiles, and monkeys that guard trucks in India are two examples of working animals, that are featured in a 13 part series that follows animals and their trainers doing extraordinary things.


1 Season - 13 Episodes:

FORT TICONDEROGA -Museum Documentary Short

Historical score by Huggett.

British and American forces clash in an attempt to  gain control of this historic New York fort.

LOFTY IDEAS - 65 Episode Television Series

Hosted by interior designer Katherine Stone, Lofty Ideas is a design series that features lofts located in major cities throughout Canada, the United States and Britain.


5 Seasons - 65 Episodes


The story of Canada's northern guardians as they strive to retrace their predecessors' Arctic overland passage from BC to Newfoundland.

BIODIVERSITY IS US - Animation Short

An evocative piece in support of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums whose mandate is to guide, encourage and support the zoos, aquariums and like-minded organizations  in animal care and welfare, environmental education and global conservation.

CANADA'S BUTTERFLY: Maria Pellegrini - Documentary

Torment and heartache. Greed and glory. Tragedy and triumph. Welcome to the sublime and glamorous world of opera. This one-hour documentary chronicles the extraordinary life of internationally renowned opera diva, Maria Pellegrini a.k.a. "Canada's Butterfly." 


Featuring best selling author Nora Roberts. A witty, revealing and often surprising one-hour documentary that takes us into the fascinating realm of romance fiction. Weaving together the personal stories of three romance writers as they manoeuvre their way to the top. An insider's view of the romance-writing world.

TOY CASTLE - 250 Episode Television Series

Gemini Award winning show about a group of toys that magically come to life when their children are asleep


250 Episodes:

HONK TOOT AND SWO-SWOOSH - 56 Episode Cartoon Series

Winner of the CINE Golden Eagle Award.


56 Episodes

Teddy Bears - 2 Animated Specials

Two animated specials with characters inspired by the 1932 song classic, "Teddy Bear's Picnic"


The Secret Lives of Butterflies is your invitation into the mysterious world of this delicate winged wonder.


This one-hour documentary examines the vital role Canadian women played in putting an end to WW2 by working with "the man they called Intrepid", spymaster William Stephenson